Great Valentines Day Gifts For Your Husband

Throw an anti-Valentine’s bash. Why not throw a bash and limit it to people without a significant other? You could also include couples who are sick of the holiday (but not if they will ruin it with cuddling and other romantic overtures). Hand out black roses, play singles games, and have people exchange gag gifts. You may have heard of divorce parties, so why not borrow from the concept on Valentine’s Day? Alternatively, have a theme that is pointedly not about Valentine’s Day. For instance, a party with a color theme, Country Western, Marshmallow Appreciation Day….whatever. Order a Valentine’s Day piñata, and let everyone take turns smacking it a time or two. Make sure there’s something fun inside. Have fun with the drinks. How about a blood orange mojito? Spend some time developing fun anti-Valentine’s Day invitations. You don’t have to Happy valentine day 2018 avoid red or pink or little hearts. You just have to have the right slogans on them. Custom-order candy hearts with sarcastic phrases about love and Cupid.

Order an anti-Valentine’s Day cake. Or, if you prefer, you could order anti-Valentine’s Day cupcakes. Give them out at work, to friends, or at a party you throw. You can find funny but sarcastic cupcake or cake toppers online and in some party stores. For example, a broken glitter heart would work. It’s all in the slogan. Be funny, but not too mean. Cupid is stupid, love hurts, or other phrases are harmless fun. There are many anti-Valentine’s Day cupcake recipes online. For example, some recommend creating a red licorice X on top of the cupcake.You could top the cake with black hearts or black roses. The color black is a great way to turn a red Valentine’s Day cake or party into an anti-Valentine’s Day message.

Invite someone out to dinner. This could be another single friend, a parent, or even a casual acquaintance you’d like to get to know better. You could enjoy a Valentine’s Day special with someone who is not a romantic partner. Or you could see if any restaurants (or taverns) offer anti-Valentine’s day events or dinners. Some do. There’s no reason you can’t spend Valentine’s Day with someone you love in a family sense. Reach out to someone you know is lonely. Send them a bouquet or invite them over for dinner. There’s power in numbers! Some more offbeat ideas include dressing up your pet for a dinner at home. You could even put a bow on the cat or dog.